12 January 2023

Scandinavian moss – the thirsty guest
Mosses are extraordinary plants with many and varied properties. They lack the tissues through which water is conducted and have no roots, but special formations through which absorption takes place. And here comes the great paradox – mosses are able to absorb moisture up to 20 times their own weight! It is for this reason that they are found in damp and shady places. In the northern hemisphere, they grow on the north side of trees and rocks. And in the South – the opposite.
The fact that this property of theirs makes them preferred for use in darkened or indoor rooms where there is a lack of light and there is a need to absorb moisture. This quality was already known to the ancient tribes that inhabited Scandinavia and they used the moss for medicinal and even culinary purposes. Moss was also used to dress the wounds of soldiers in the First World War. And in some parts of England mosses were used to fight fires because they knew about the water they absorbed.
Scandinavian moss requires neither watering, mowing, nor fertilizing. It is a plant that takes care of itself exclusively and obtains everything it needs from the environment in which it lives. Due to the lack of roots, it does not require a soil substrate. If you use moss to make a green wall, it will not weigh down in any case. It is also very resilient and adaptable. And something very important – it has antistatic properties. They are accepted with wide smiles by all household owners who clean dust from various surfaces absolutely every day. With Scandinavian moss, this problem disappears. This ability of his is another asset in choosing green decor in the home or office.
Silence is achievable with Scandinavian moss
This plant, among other things, is also a great insulator. In noisy cities, where every horn, scream or brake bounces off the surrounding buildings and thus amplifies its sound, it is a real boon to have a corner where you can relax and rest. It has been established that in such modern open space offices, the noise is of the order of 60 decibels, which our hearing perceives as loud noise. To give you a clearer idea, 80 decibels is the sound of a passing motorcycle. We are exposed to this noise pollution every day. For hours on end.
Benefits for a healthy climate
And the benefits of moss don't end there! In Norway there are boreal forests where the understory is almost entirely of rare moss species. They have a special relationship with nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria, and when the environment changes, they can release fixed nitrogen, making this element available to the entire ecosystem. Moss also has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide as well. Thanks to this, it purifies the air. And gives off oxygen.
Minimalism and Scandinavian moss
Minimalism and clutter are increasingly talked about, and there is even an entire trend in interior design that relies entirely on it. In our overpopulated planet, each of us has less and less space for ourselves, and space has long been used not only horizontally, but also vertically. If you have a small home and still want it to be cozy and green, then choose a place to place a picture of Scandinavian moss. Or make an entire green wall. You will ensure health, peace, tranquility and beauty!
Scandinavian moss definitely has many benefits. Today it is fashionable to be "green", but on the other hand, the health of ourselves, our loved ones and the care of a healthy climate in which we all live will never be out of fashion. And we have a wonderful assistant in the person of this ruler of health.
Have a nice day from Art Design Beni.